to building your brick and mortar business

Do You
Dream of

Owning Your Own Retail Space
but have no idea where to begin?

We’ve got you! We know exactly what that feels like. The mixed feelings of excitement and dreamy ambition but also total fear and self-doubt that it’ll never happen or if it does it’ll be a complete flop. We are here for you and want to see you and your gorgeous retail space not only open to the public but to thrive for years to come!

Do You
Already Have


Let us come in and help you get back to the heart of why you chose to open your doors in the first place. Let us help you get back to a place of genuine excitement and joy about the legacy you created within the walls of your store. We get that it’s easy to get lost in the fog during the day to day grind but what you’re doing matters. It would be our honor to help you thrive once again!

Want Refined Retail Consulting To Be

A Part Of Your Story?

Reach Out

Reach out to us if you’re interested in exploring what working with RRC could mean for you & your dreams! Once we get your inquiry, we will send you a survey to fill out to get to know you and see what dreams you’ve got brewing!

Let's Chat

Once we’ve reviewed your survey answers, we’ll set up a video call with you to get to know you a little better and see if we’d be a good fit for one another. Like a virtual coffee date!

Make it Official

If after our call we all feel like we’re the dream team for each other, we’ll send over all the fancy legal things, have you sign them, get your deposit taken care of, and then let the fun begin!

Build The Dream

We’ll spend the next 4-6 months together working on making your dream become a reality through a handful of exciting in-person visits and monthly calls that will equip you with loads of confidence and tangible takeaways.

Building Your Ideal Space + Inventory Mix

We will start by helping you figure out the best timeline to open your doors and not lose your mind doing so. We will also help secure the best retail partners for your area and help you make initial contact with them to get you started. We’ll even guide you through designing the perfect aesthetic for your store so that it’s a space you’re proud of and customers want to shop in over & over again.

Building Your Brand

Building and developing your brand voice from the beginning is key to reaching your target audience. We will get you started on the right path by developing your brand voice & creating content you can use for all platforms.


How the heck do you run a business, manage a team, make sure your store functions, oh and also sell your products & make a good profit all at the same time? We will help you figure all that out by providing in-store training for you and your staff.

Refine and Refresh: For the Existing Brick and Mortar Business

Have you been in business for a few years and it just doesn’t seem to be working? After a look at your current business model, we can help you refine your in-store experience, curate your inventory mix, and refresh your branding to make sure you’re reaching your dream customers.

Additional Business Coaching

We strongly believe that living in community makes us all better friends, wives, mothers, and business women. After your initial package with us is completed, we want to continue to support you with additional monthly calls and quarterly goal setting to make sure you feel confident in your decisions long after you open your doors.

What We Will

build together