“And now she knows beautiful things take time.”

– Morgan Harper Nichols

The Story


like chips and guac
– and the two of us

We promise to empower you with confidence, by equipping you with knowledge to make your dreams reality.

We promise to come alongside you to consistently ensure that you never feel alone and to cheer you on like your favorite big sister.

We promise to impart you with the wisdom we have learned over the past ten years in business. For better or worse.

We promise to help you remember the joy of why you started your business. The heart behind your business is what makes it special.

Our Background
In Retail

The Stores That Taught Us
Everything We Know

For those of you new around here, we own(ed) and manage(d) two bridal dress boutiques in Lexington, Kentucky. In 2009, Ty opened up  Twirl Bridal Boutique. In 2014, Liz joined the Twirl Team. And we haven’t looked back since! In December 2015, Ty & Liz opened the doors to Twirl’s sister store, Meant To Be Boutique, as co-owners. They have worked side by side for nearly 5 years and are truly a match made in heaven when it comes to making things happen & doing #allthethings with genuine optimism, drive, and joy.

Interested in our stores stories?

Well, we’re here to lay it all out there for you!

Dreams Coming True

The Twirl Story

Trying to condense my story into one paragraph is tough! I’d rather sit down over a glass of wine and just talk…that’s why we are here for you, sweet friend! People truly think I’m crazy when I say I woke up with an idea one day to open a bridal shop, but it is true! I was 28 years old and very unhappy in my corporate job after working in nonprofit and government positions respectively. I wanted something more for my life and wanted to provide an environment to nurture other young women to grow in their careers. I wanted women to feel loved and celebrated when shopping for their wedding day. I wanted more for my life and for other women. Over the past 10 years, I’ve learned to gain wisdom from the valleys and celebrate the peaks that eventually follow. Entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart but it’s still to this day the best decision I’ve ever made because the legacy and impact it’s created has become far bigger than myself and for that I am deeply grateful.

Learning to Pivot

The Meant To Be Story

To say that opening up Meant To Be taught us more than we could’ve imagined would be an understatement. We opened in December 2015 with the intention of serving a different clientele and creating another stream of income for ourselves. We achieved the ability to serve hundreds of new brides however, the hope of a passive income never became reality. We are so grateful for all of the women we got to celebrate that came through our doors but at the end of the day, we had to look at the larger picture for us as business owners and after just shy of 4 years of business we decided to make the heart wrenching decision to close our doors. At the time, we had decided to start Refined just a few months earlier and feared that the closing of Meant To Be would discredit our ability to consult and advise fellow store owners as they grew and built their own businesses. But, thanks to the love & support of many wise people in our lives, we were assured that closing the doors showed our ability to discern well what’s best for businesses and how to decide what our “best yes” is.

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