Our Story


like chips and guac
– and the two of us

We promise to empower you with confidence, by equipping you with the knowledge to make your dreams a reality.

We promise to come alongside you so that you never feel alone and like you always have the biggest cheerleaders championing your dreams.

We promise to impart you with the wisdom we have learned from over ten years in the crazy world of entrepreneurship.

We promise to help you remember the joy of why you started your business. The heart behind your business is what makes it special.

Our Background
In Retail

The Stores That Taught Us
Everything We Know
Interested in our stores’ stories?

Well, we’re here to lay it all out there for you!

Dreams Coming True

The Twirl Story

From Ty: Trying to condense my story into one paragraph is tough! People truly think I’m crazy when I say I woke up with an idea one day to open a bridal shop but, it’s true! I was 28 years old and very unhappy in my corporate job after working in non-profit and government positions respectively. I wanted something more for my life and wanted to provide an environment to nurture other young women to grow in their careers. I also wanted to create a special place for brides to feel genuinely loved, empowered, and celebrated when shopping for their wedding dress. Over the past 10+ years, I’ve learned to gain wisdom from the valleys and to celebrate the peaks that eventually follow. Entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart but it’s still, to this day, the best decision I could’ve ever made. The legacy and impact my business has created has become far bigger than myself. For that, I am deeply grateful.

Learning to Pivot

The Meant To Be Story

From Liz: Little did we know what all awaited us when we opened up our second bridal boutique, Meant To Be, in December 2015. We opened with the intention of extending the heart of Twirl and to serve a different clientele while creating another stream of income for ourselves. We successfully achieved serving hundreds of brides however, our financial goals were never met. Owning Meant To Be catapulted us into truly implementing a “work smarter, not harder” mentality. After just shy of 4 years of business, we made the tough decision to close our doors. The lessons we learned at Meant To Be have enriched our understanding of what it truly takes to be an entrepreneur and grew an even deeper passion in our hearts to cheer on other like-minded business owners. Closing Meant To Be opened the doors to starting Refined and for that reason, we know it was all “meant to be.”