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After more than 10 years of learning what to do (and what NOT to do), we’ve realized it’s time to spare the headaches and share the knowledge. At Refined Retail Consulting, we offer a one-of-a-kind coaching experience. You are going to get experience-based, in-person, and one-on-one coaching that will address everything from opening a new store, getting your brand through in a cluttered market, strategic next steps to take for your personal success, and so much more! Learn about what it is we do and how we can be a part of your business’ story by clicking the button below.

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Hey, friend. We’re Ty and Liz, the dynamic duo behind Refined Retail Consulting. We are two of the craziest business-minded, dream-chasing friends you’ll ever meet. After running two bridal boutiques in Kentucky, we’ve learned a thing or two about the retail, and brick and mortar industry. There’s not many how-to or self-help books we haven’t read, milestones we haven’t set our sights on, or major pain points we haven’t had to navigate. Through every life and business endeavor we’ve shared together, we’ve learned one big thing – doing things together is always better. And that’s why we’re here, to do this thing called life and business with YOU. Learn more about how we can be the best business cheerleaders you never knew you needed in your life!


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  • When I knew I couldn’t keep my dream of opening a bridal boutique quiet any longer, I was equally excited and terrified. I felt like I was taking on something so big and overwhelming and I had no idea where to begin. When I shared my dream with Ty and Liz, they were so supportive and encouraging, and I knew I had found my people. Through the entire process of preparing to open my store, they have been nothing short of a dream. From helping me choose a name and store location, branding guidance, training, connecting me with the perfect designers, and even helping me navigate my first Market experience in New York, they have shared their heart freely and cheered me on with love and encouragement. Knowing they have been where I am – building a brick and mortar dream from the ground up – gives me so much comfort and confidence in their wisdom, advice, and abilities. Their passion for people and what they do is contagious and their desire to see their clients succeed is so heartfelt. Investing in Refined Retail Consulting is hands down the best decision I made as I began this journey. Working with Ty and Liz has given me support, community, and friendship beyond anything I could have dreamed. As a bonus, there simply isn’t anyone more fun to celebrate milestones and successes with than these two ladies!

    Christina Sloan
    Refined Bridal Boutique | Birmingham, Alabama
  • It was such a pleasure working with Refined Retail Consulting! We were in need of brand photography for a marketing campaign and Refined Retail Consulting made this project a breeze. It was so great to work with someone that was not only familiar with the shoot location, but also coordinated access to the property. They literally took all of the work out of it for us! The images captured were amazing and Refined Retail Consulting worked with such efficiency that went above & beyond our expectations. Superior experience.

    Twila Brown
    Director of Stores for Draper James
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